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Aurecon engineer wins CESA engineering award


Geoff du Toit

28 August 2015 - Geoff du Toit, a civil engineer specialising in water treatment from Aurecon’s Cape Town office, won the Young Engineer of the Year Award at the Consulting Engineers South Africa's CESA Aon Engineering Excellence Awards on Wednesday, 12 August 2015.

Du Toit was chosen from a long list of nominees from across South Africa. His experience in the planning, design, construction, commissioning, and operation of water treatment infrastructure and his leadership and involvement in industry and community projects contributed to him winning this award.

He obtained his BSc Eng. (Civil) Degree from the University of Cape Town (UCT) in 2003, and an MSc Eng. in Water and Wastewater Treatment in 2006 with the UCT Water Research Group. He registered as a Professional Engineer with the Engineering Council of South Africa in 2012 and he has excelled in all projects that he has been involved in since he joined Aurecon in 2007.

“I want to thank my colleagues at Aurecon, who have placed faith and trust in my abilities and have let me learn through experience. They have provided a supportive environment for all my pursuits and given me the freedom to innovate and explore in order to provide better solutions to our clients,” said Du Toit at the prestigious event, which was held at Vodaworld in Midrand, Gauteng.

Brendon Theunissen, Water and Wastewater Engineering Manager from Cape Town’s Water Unit, said that Du Toit has mastered the skill of coordinating the disciplines in the various project stages that make up the multi-disciplinary water treatment projects in which he is involved.

“In all these areas, Geoff has impressed Aurecon’s clients with his competence,” said Theunissen.

Aurecon also received a commendation in the category of Engineering Excellence with a value of R50 million – R250 million for our role in the Sundays River Bridge project, which was completed in a joint venture with SFC Engineers.

The project involved the rehabilitation of a 14.23 km two-lane pavement of Section 11 of the National Route 2, between Soutwerke and Colchester in the Eastern Cape. The construction of a new bridge, together with the raising of the existing Sundays River Bridge on the route, was successfully commissioned in June 2014. Road conditions and safety have significantly improved and the road is able to accommodate the growing traffic volumes generated by the Coega IDZ.

“These accolades are a testament to the ongoing hard work of Aurecon’s staff. The level of excellence at this year’s awards ceremony was high, which shows how our industry is evolving in terms of providing efficient, effective and innovative solutions to our clients. Aurecon’s accolade and commendation confirms how our company continues to deliver outstanding engineers and projects,” commented Ronnie Khoza, Manager, South Africa Offices.

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