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Total system planning approach needed to manage waste

Nick Mannie

Nick Mannie

29 September 2014 - Within rapidly growing economies, the demand for resources and the matter of handling growing volumes of waste streams have started taking its toll on a constrained and already contaminated environment.

Aurecon waste management expert Nick Mannie will be joining national and international waste specialists to discuss solutions to these issues at WasteCon 2014, which will be held from 6 – 10 October 2014 in Cape Town.

Mannie’s paper will explore the challenges in determining the correct waste disposal solutions for local municipalities in South Africa.

Having worked with many local government agencies on their waste management strategies, Aurecon was recently appointed by the Gauteng Funding Agency to assist in the development of a feasibility study on alternative waste technology on behalf of the City of Johannesburg.

Mannie said that a total system planning approach is needed to cost-effectively manage waste.

“We consider the total waste system and develop the most appropriate mix of infrastructure and services to manage the waste stream.

“Through understanding the lifecycle costs of waste management systems we are helping our clients to identify and understand these costs while enabling them to make informed decisions and avoid unnecessary costs,” he said.

Aurecon draws on local knowledge, combined with its global expertise, to provide waste management services to clients in the government, mining and industrial sectors, as well as the manufacturing, petrochemical and agro-processing industries.

About Nick Mannie

Nick Mannie, Technical Director, Waste, Aurecon, has a multidisciplinary range of experience which includes leading teams of specialists, supervising sub-contractors, assessing financial plans and quality checks, liaising with clients, business management, maximising efficiencies, flora-mapping and developing biodiversity action plans in relation to diverse waste streams. He believes in finding long-term environmental and economic benefits through tailor made solutions that keep the surrounding community in mind, and uphold our clients’ commitment towards sustainability at all times.

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