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Six Aurecon speakers at International Noise and Vibration Congress

Neil Mackenzie

Neil Mackenzie

24 November 2014 -  Aurecon participated in this year's INTER.NOISE 2014 Congress with a total of six speakers throughout the conference.

Aurecon was able to highlight several ways it is applying innovation and technical excellence to overcome acoustic challenges in complex, world-class building, manufacturing and infrastructure projects.

This year’s conference theme was Improving the World through Noise Control and approximately 800 delegates from the noise and vibration engineering industries attended the event. Acoustics is a key component to the company’s core capabilities, enabling clients in the property, transport, construction, resources and utilities industry to achieve desired operational outcomes.

“INTER.NOISE 2014 marks the third time in six years that Aurecon was a major contributor at an annual acoustic congress. Aurecon was able to showcase our successful projects, demonstrate how we overcame challenges and how our expertise in acoustics has helped clients achieve their goals” comments Neil Mackenzie, Technical Director, Building Sciences.

He added: “Almost every project Aurecon works on will have some element of acoustic design necessary, from the assessment of noise impacts due to large scale industrial and infrastructure projects, to limiting structural vibration to strict criteria for high precision manufacturing, to designing performance sound systems for premier entertainment venues. Aurecon’s Building Sciences team has a skillset which extends beyond noise and vibration to include wind and air quality services, meaning we are uniquely placed in the industry to deliver solutions to clients where these areas intersect such as wind induced noise and the design of damping devices to counteract excitation of structures by wind and vibration.  The diversity of topics that we presented at INTER.NOISE 2014 reflects this broad range of skills and knowledge.”

Aurecon presented the following papers at the event:

• Digital sound system modelling and design
• In-situ assessment of building isolation bearings
• Tonal characteristics of wind turbine drive trains
• Footfall vibration analysis of a high precision manufacturing facility
• Noise modelling of road intersections
• Assessment of ground vibrations from a seismic test facility

“Aurecon’s hands-on experience, our holistic approach to building sciences as well as a well-integrated global team that has worked on acoustic challenges across virtually all industries, has inspired unique solutions that meet various client needs. Partnering with Aurecon gives you access to a wealth of leading, vibrant and global building sciences experts” said Mackenzie.

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