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Transport engineer to lead youth – run engineering organisation in 2014

Matt Aberline

15 May 2014 - Young Engineers Australia, Sydney Division (YEAS), has appointed civil geotechnical engineer, Matt Aberline, 26, as their new chair.

Balancing his current onsite project work in Boggabri, located in northwest New South Wales, where he is providing construction support for a 32km of new railway track, he will lead the youth – run organisation that includes a broad range of members between the ages of 18 and 35.

YEA is designed to foster involvement within the industry by organising various activities for members to take part in such as site visits, social events, seminars and workshops.

It is an elected position which has tenure of one year. Matt succeeded the former chair in November 2013 and will remain incumbent until November 2014.

From a young age, he was inspired by his father who was also actively involved in committees.

As Matt began to progress and emerge as a professional himself, his own involvement increased and he soon found himself to be an active member of Young Engineers Australia.

“I have always liked to be more involved than just ticking the box of being a member of Engineers Australia (EA).

I believe un-engaged members are a major problem with EA at the moment. The profession and title of engineer is becoming devalued by the industry, and it is important that the perspective of these issues from young professionals is captured.”

Prior to relocating to Sydney from Wollongong, Matt was involved with the Illawarra Division on YEA for five years. In 2012, he was appointed of vice chair of the committee.

In his new role, Matt’s roles and responsibilities include multiple facets of administration, planning, promotion and representation.

Matt explains that YEA not only inspires and empowers young engineers, but also promotes ongoing learning by providing a platform where young engineers are given opportunity to further develop as professionals.

“I have been able to make great industry and personal networks, learn various management skills which translate to my work with Aurecon and have valuable input to the management of EA and YEA on a national level with policy and strategic planning.”

As a member of YEAS, there is also great opportunity for young professionals to achieve chartered status, gain assistance with the PDP program and get involved with the pursuit of creative and innovative solutions.

Matt aspires to improve people’s perception and highlight the value of being a member of Engineers Australia, and the YEA committee itself.

He will also put high priority in developing educational workshops to students in regional areas in effort to project the prosperities of the career and share his passions for the ever evolving industry.

“Engineering is always changing, interesting, challenging and pushing the boundaries. You can travel all over the world with your work and meet some amazing people along the way.”

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