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Upgrading dam infrastructure in Angola

Calueque Dam in Angola

Calueque Dam located on the Cunene River in southern Angola

11 March 2014 - A major challenge in Africa is the ability of communities and businesses to access the water required for urban and rural human settlement as well as mining, industrial and agricultural development.

As part of the Angolan Government’s ongoing efforts to provide improved basic services to residents, Aurecon is increasingly becoming involved in projects focused on the reconstruction, rehabilitation and upgrading of Angola’s infrastructure.

​Aurecon has drawn on its extensive experience to assist the Angolan Government in the rehabilitation and upgrading of dams as part of its existing water infrastructure, including Calueque and Quiminha Dams.

Calueque Dam, Cunene Province
Calueque Dam is located on the Cunene River in southern Angola.

Construction started before the country gained independence from Portugal and was not completed by the time the Angolan civil war started in 1975, which significantly devastated the dam.

A source of water for southern Angola and northern Namibia through the 1964 Cunene River Scheme Agreement, the dam supplies water for a variety of uses such as domestic, industrial, agricultural and hydropower.

Gabinete para a Administração da Bacia Hidrográfica do Rio Cunene (GHABIC) is the Angolan authority responsible for the Kunene River Basin and manages this precious resource together with Namibia. GHABIC appointed Aurecon, in joint venture with AECOM and Viaponte, in 2012 to provide project management services for the rehabilitation of the Calueque Dam including technical assistance for the design review and construction supervision.

Aurecon’s previous work on the Calueque Dam includes its appointment by GHABIC to provide rehabilitation design and tender documentation services for the dam and infrastructure. Additional services included tender evaluations and contract negotiations with the successful contractors for this 2005 project.     

Completion of the current Calueque Dam rehabilitation project is expected by July 2015.

Quiminha Dam, Bengo Province
Quiminha Dam, approximately 80 km from Luanda, the capital of Angola, is a 41 m high zoned earthfill embankment dam with a storage capacity of approximately 1 560 million m3 and was initially constructed to regulate the Bengo River.

Laboratório de Engenharia de Angola (LEA) appointed Aurecon in September 2013 to carry out a condition assessment and compile tender documentation for the rehabilitation and upgrading of the hydro-mechanical and electrical equipment for the outlet works of the dam.

José Cordeiro, Business Development Leader, Aurecon Angola, says: “Quiminha Dam was constructed in the period between 1964 and 1975. The dam was well planned, well designed, constructed to the highest standards and configured with long term foresight, i.e. provision has been made in one of the 4.5 m diameter outlet tunnels for a future 16 MW hydro-power station.”

“We are very pleased with our appointments on these two dams. Aurecon is committed to leading the developing world, which means that investing in key areas of opportunity is vital in order to produce lasting growth. We are committed to Angola and to engineering a better future for its citizens,” says José Miranda, Aurecon Regional Manager, West Africa.

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