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Aurecon involved in innovative new Angola airport development

Uige Airport

30 July 2014 - Angola recently celebrated the official inauguration of the refurbished and upgraded Manuel Quarta Punza Airport in the Uíge Province.

The project, which was initiated by the National Enterprise for the Operations of Airports and Air Traffic Control (ENANA) in 2009, saw the airside infrastructure upgraded to boast a 2 300 m long, 30 m wide main runway, including 7.5 m wide paved shoulders and two taxiways measuring 115 m x 18 m and 190 m x 18 m. 

In addition, the new airport now has a 4 600 m2 terminal facility, as well as a fully refurbished navigation tower with modern equipment. The upgraded airport can now handle operations by aircraft up to the size of a Boeing 737-700.

Aurecon was responsible for the construction supervision and project management of the rehabilitation and upgrading of the existing airside pavements, as well as the construction of a new stormwater drainage system. 

Finding innovative solutions to project challenges
The area to the north of the northern threshold was occupied by informal housing, which interfered with the designed extension of the runway, as well as people and aircraft safety operations.

“To put more pressure on the situation, the local government experienced difficulty resettling those living there,” says Tony Barreto Dos Santos, Aurecon Country Manager Angola.

To address this challenge, Aurecon recommended the use of starter extensions at both thresholds of the runway to increase the take-off run available without impacting on the populated area to the north of the runway.

The starter extension method provides an area before a runway threshold for the initial ground roll of an aircraft, thereby increasing the take-off run available by allowing aircraft to start their take-off run before crossing the threshold. Sections of the runway strip were utilised for construction of the starter extensions.

“Aurecon Angola is proud to continuously contribute to the economic growth of not only the Uíge region, but also the country of Angola. Aurecon Angola continues to build an enduring relationship with our client ENANA,” says Dos Santos.

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