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Changing the luxury apartments landscape in Namibia

Ocean Key Luxury Apartments in Namibia

The Ocean Key Luxury Apartments building

25 August 2014 - The Ocean Key Luxury Apartments building in Langstrand, Namibia, is a twelve storey beachside apartment block offering breath taking views of the Atlantic Ocean. The project was conceived in 2006 with one goal in mind – to provide luxury accommodation at a market-related price.

Aurecon has been contracted by Ocean Key Developments to provide electrical and mechanical engineering services for the project, which is scheduled for completion in 2015. 

Abré Maree, Aurecon’s electrical and electronic building engineer and project manager, believes that the apartments will achieve the client’s goal. “The Ocean Key Luxury Apartments will make Namibia more competitive by providing luxury units which feature a lock-up-and-go living lifestyle, but without an exorbitant price tag. Each of the apartments has a view of both the sea and desert, making the building a one of a kind in the area,” says Maree.

Some of the challenges that the project team has had to overcome included sticking to stringent budget constraints. “The original budgets were compiled in 2008, while the project was only put out on tender in 2014. Variations in exchange rates and price escalations meant that we needed to innovate in order to stick to the original budget,” explains Maree.

In order to achieve this, Aurecon’s specified local materials where possible and combined costly site inspections with client and project meetings. They also carefully evaluated the products specified in order to ensure that the client was getting the best value for money.

The location of the project is challenging in that it means the professional team are required to work remotely. “With any cross-border project, it’s important to ensure ongoing communication with the contractors working on site. Aurecon established good working relationships with the client, architect and contractor at the outset to ensure that everyone was continuously on the same page, even if we weren’t in the same place,” says Maree.

The Ocean Key Luxury Apartment building offers 24 three bedroom penthouse style units and everything that one would expect from a world-class living environment, including rooftop entertainment areas, direct access to the beach, a viewing deck and hospitality section on the bottom floor.

“This project proves that ultra-modern sophistication can be designed in a cost-effective manner if the project team is willing to innovate and find ways to cut costs without compromising quality,” concludes Maree.


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