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Aurecon participates in the first Angolan International Conference on Energy and Water

Calueque Dam in Angola

24 October 2013 - The Angolan Ministry of Energy and Water (MINEA - Ministério de Energia e Águas) recently invited Aurecon to participate in its inaugural International Conference on Energy and Water, which was held in Luanda, Angola, in September.

The government-organised conference served as an international platform for sharing best practices and debating emerging issues related to water, sanitation and energy which are key to the social and economic development of modern societies. Angola has therefore drafted policies, begun implementing strategies and securing international partnerships aimed at creating a highly favourable environment for the integrated development of these services.

The three-day conference saw several respected local and international speakers, including Aurecon representatives, present a number of papers. Aurecon also sponsored an exhibition booth at the event.

The group looks forward to partnering with clients throughout the region to further improve water, sanitation and energy services throughout the country.

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