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Aurecon staff assemble a new classroom for Mjo Village

Classroom in the Mjo village

15 March 2013 - One of Aurecon’s key values is working to build a vibrant and brighter future for all. The group and its staff embrace the philosophy of giving back to the community by encouraging proactive involvement in Aurecon Cares, the group’s corporate social investment programme.

In line with this, 15 staff members from Aurecon’s East London office recently crossed the Great Kei River and drove to the small village of Mjo in the Eastern Cape to erect a new classroom for the local pre-primary children, as the old one was falling apart. Aurecon staff and their families also contributed toys, books, games and stationery to village school.

This project was particularly meaningful because Mjo is the home village of Vuyelwa Mgidi, a technician from the East London office. Mgidi had energetically driven support for the Aurecon project from various companies in the region: Group 5 provided Aurecon with a prefabricated classroom at cost; Amanz’abantu provided a pit latrine; and Carpet Master provided individual mats for the children as well as recycled industrial carpeting for the floor.

The enthusiastic team completed the 30 m² prefabricated structure in record time, with even the children seizing brushes and helping with painting. The villagers cheered loudly when the keys to the finished classroom were finally handed over to their teacher, who shed tears of joy over the project finally coming to fruition. 

The villagers were immensely grateful for what Aurecon had done and the good example it had set for other companies undertaking projects among impoverished communities.

“Aurecon is committed to investing and allocating resources to aid development and improve quality of life in the communities in which we live and work,” says Noreen Burton, Aurecon Cares Coordinator at the East London office. “We started with a clear, simple vision of creating a better classroom for the Mjo children in one day. It was both rewarding and humbling to see our efforts bring so much joy to a community.” 

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