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Latest 360° magazine launched – Resilience

360 Magazine - July

17 July 2013 - The latest issue of Aurecon’s 360° magazine, focusing on ‘resilience’, has been released. This issue looks at how we support clients in today’s challenging global economy in the search for value and cost and operational efficiencies that support the bottom line.

“Resilience is as important to corporations and government as it is to individuals. Being able to not only survive but grow, despite economic and broader market challenges, depends on building resilience into your operations, infrastructure, planning and culture,” said Paul Hardy, Chief Executive Officer.

At Aurecon, we also work with communities to build resilience in a broader sense. Increasingly, business and governments must build also resilience to weather events and natural disasters. We also support communities in building the tools to develop and grow wealth sustainably by creating resilient urban environments and developing socio-economic capacity.

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