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High calibre leaders for Aurecon’s Gauteng and Cape Town offices

Phil Hendricks and Ferdi Nell

Phil Hendricks (left) and Ferdi Nell

1 July 2013 - “Aurecon is a client-focused organisation for which maintaining high levels of client service excellence is a top priority,” says Albert Geldenhuys, Managing Director of Aurecon South Africa.

He adds that “selecting high-calibre leaders to fulfill leadership roles throughout our business plays a vital role in ensuring we remain focused on achieving this aim.”

In line with this, the group is excited to confirm two senior management appointments in South Africa.

Effective as of 1 July 2013, Phil Hendricks will fulfil the role of Office Manager for the group’s Gauteng offices, while Ferdi Nell will fulfil the role of Office Manager, Cape Town. 

About Phil Hendricks

Career snapshot
Hendricks’ career trajectory includes both the academic and applied research fields.

He lectured for a number of years at a tertiary level at the Department of Civil Engineering at the Peninsula Technikon in Cape Town prior to moving to Tshwane to head up the transport infrastructure programme at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) where he served as Executive Director of the Division of Roads and Transport. This included strategic and operational responsibility, at an executive level, for the National Research Centres and the executive management of strategic relationships.

Hendricks has, since 2008, fulfilled several key roles within Aurecon’s Transport team, taking strategic responsibility for the overall development of Aurecon’s transport business globally. He has also served on a number of management teams, and was closely involved in developing and implementing Aurecon’s Competency and Services strategy.

Unique strengths
“Phil’s ability to develop and direct strategy, and competently lead a team to ensure that strategy is successfully achieved, has seen him add immense value to our global business and that of our clients’ businesses. This same leadership ability is set to see him ensure our Gauteng team builds deep, lasting relationships with our key clients,” comments Geldenhuys.

When asked about his vision for these offices, Hendricks says that his aim will be to ensure that Aurecon’s “strong project delivery capability in this region is underpinned by unquestionable service and technological excellence. In addition, these offices will focus on ensuring clients experience the full benefit of Aurecon’s local talent pool, strengthened by our global experience and expertise.”

About Ferdi Nell

Career snapshot
Nell’s 28 years of experience in industry spans various management roles at Eskom, including that of Electrification Manager. After joining NETPlan/NETGroup, he progressed to fulfil the roles of Divisional Manager, Chief Operations Officer and later Chief Executive Officer, after which he led the integration of the company’s operations with Aurecon in March last year.

Unique strengths
“Ferdi brings to the table a unique blend of technical and managerial experience, combined with a strong ability to successfully manage both people and project resources to meet and exceed projected outcomes,” explains Geldenhuys.

When asked about his vision for this office, Nell says that his aim will be to “inspire, challenge and support the management and project delivery teams in this office to realise Aurecon’s vision of being a Leading. Vibrant. Global group through ensuring that a passion for our clients, our people and our future is evident in all we undertake.”

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