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John Mason pens chapter on managing gigaprojects

John Mason

John Mason21 January 2013 - Combining his passion for delivering successful project outcomes and his significant international experience, John Mason, Aurecon’s Programme & Project Delivery Leader, has put pen to paper and authored a chapter in the recently released American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) book, Managing Gigaprojects: Advice from Those Who’ve Been There, Done That.

The ASCE book takes the reader to the leading edge of the world’s biggest infrastructure construction projects, where megaprojects, with costs of more than US$1 billion, are now being surpassed by Gigaprojects.  Gigaprojects being infrastructure construction projects with price tags higher than US$10 billion.

These super-size projects are critical to meeting the growing demands of global populations, yet they present daunting obstacles for effective planning, design, construction, and delivery. Not only do the challenges of enormous projects increase exponentially with their size, but these projects can span long time frames. Risk management alone poses unprecedented problems of scale and complexity.

In his chapter, titled “Delivery of UK Megaprojects within a European Context”, John drew on his experience of major infrastructure projects in Europe, the USA, Australia and South-East Asia to discuss best practice principles, organisational considerations and new approaches to procurement and supply chain management in the UK.

Describing his drafting experience John said: “It’s not often that you get the opportunity to contribute to a book like this and also to work with Steve Rowsell, the former Head of Procurement for Crossrail, who kindly agreed to contribute his industry leading procurement expertise to this particular chapter.” 

In the first part of this book, released by Pegasus Global Holdings, Inc. ®, experts share lessons learned and best practices developed as they grappled with specific difficulties posed by such large-scale projects. In the second part, construction professionals describe projects undertaken in the Middle East, Brazil, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America with a view to highlighting strategies that lead to success.

John, is one of a group of industry leading financiers, owners, programme managers, consultants, designers, contractors, and legal counsel, all of whom have frontline experience with megaprojects and gigaprojects assembled by Pegasus Global Holdings principals Dr Patricia D. Galloway, Dr Kris R. Nielsen, and Jack L. Dignum, to contribute to this book.

“It has been a privilege to be able to contribute to this book alongside such an impressive group of authors.  Their insights are invaluable and the close alignment of the lessons they’ve learned is tangible,” John said. 

Engineers, construction managers, planners, and risk managers will find in this volume, useful tools for the effective and efficient execution of megaprojects and gigaprojects. Managing Gigaprojects is also a guide for investors, senior executives, board members, and other participants involved in these large-scale projects.

The book can be ordered online from the American Society of Civil Engineers website.

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