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Aurecon becomes first global consulting engineering company to sign 49M pledge

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Aurecon’s Jacques Kotzé (centre), Head of Facilities and Procurement, signs the Eskom 49M pledge.

4 February 2013 - Aurecon has once again demonstrated its commitment to sustainability by becoming the first global consulting engineering company in South Africa to sign the 49M pledge.

Launched in March 2011, 49M is an Eskom initiative which has been endorsed by the government, non-profit organisations, trade unions and the business sector to encourage the entire South African population to embrace energy saving as a national culture and to join the global journey towards a sustainable future. 

“Our corporate challenge is to embed sustainability as an integral part of our culture, our skills and our deliverables. Signing this pledge is confirmation of our resolve toward achieving this aim,” comments Jacques Kotzé, Aurecon’s Head of Facilities and Procurement.

Commending the group for taking this bold stand, 49M spokesperson Andrew Etzinger said: “We are happy that Aurecon has taken the lead by being the first global consulting engineering firm to join the 49M cause. Energy efficiency is a challenge that requires commitment and efforts from all of us in order to keep the country’s lights on and to ensure that the wheels of our economy continue to turn. Today’s pledge by Aurecon gives us hope that the country is taking the issues of energy efficiency seriously and a demonstration that we all have a desire to secure a sustainable future for generations to come. This huge responsibility requires all of us to take action now.”

In support of their pledge, the group’s Quality and Environment team has launched an on-going environmental awareness campaign across all of its offices in South Africa.

The campaign, titled 'Think Sustainably, Act Responsibly!’, aims to highlight important environmental issues and to share ideas around how staff can work together to lessen their environmental impact, including reducing the consumption of electricity both at work and at home.

In addition, the group is resolute in ensuring its own buildings and facilities have been built in a sustainable manner. In South Africa, the group’s Tshwane offices received the city’s first 4 Star Green Star SA Office Design v1 rating from the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA), another 49M partner, while its office building in Century City, Cape Town, was the first building in the country to be awarded a 5 Star Green Star SA – Office Design v1 rating.

Although the group acknowledges the power of large businesses to make a significant difference toward reducing our national consumption, it also understands that real change relies on the everyday choices and actions of the individuals within those businesses. As such, Aurecon has encouraged each and every one of its staff members to take up the 49M challenge on a personal level.

“As one of 52 million citizens, each of us has the power to ensure that 49M makes a lasting impact on our nation,” concludes Kotzé.

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