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Aurecon to introduce smarter thinking at Airport Cities, Johannesburg

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17 April 2013 - International engineering, management and specialist technical consultancy Aurecon will host a booth, featuring local and international technical experts discussing new approaches to deal with  transport and land-use planning challenges at  Airport Cities World Conference & Exhibition on April 24-26 2013 in Johannesburg.

“Airports are transport, commercial and land-use growth hubs that are unique multimodal and multifunctional destinations.  The integrated nature of an airport and all of its associated functions and features provides surrounding development ‘destinations’ with tremendous opportunities for growth,” explains Bernard Van Biljon, Aurecon Service Leader for Transport Modelling, Planning and Engineering.

“As airports evolve into powerful engines of local economic development, Airport Cities is an ideal platform to introduce fresh thinking about how the interconnectedness of economy, finance, land use and transport to drive successful outcomes for the hub and surrounding areas,” added Van Biljon.

Shaun Hardcastle, HUB-id Global Development Leader will be in South Africa to share the benefits of  Aurecon's HUB-id – a new integrated approach to achieve sustainable transport and land use outcomes. 

Hardcastle said, “This is an exciting opportunity to discuss global trends with local infrastructure providers, planners and airport designers about how aviation infrastructure, economic development and people relate in a new urban form – as an airport city.”

Aurecon’s understanding of transport facilities goes beyond the passenger, to include the people who live, work and pass through a transport hub, as well as the managers and operators of transport facilities and centres, and the owners and tenants of properties at the hub.

“As global urbanisation trends continue to gain momentum at an alarming rate, the availability of suitable land and funding for infrastructure simply cannot keep up with the demand that this is inducing. It forced a rethink of the traditional approaches to dealing with integrated planning - the tools, applied skills and the objectives. The end result should lead to gains in economic and social sustainability for communities,” said Van Biljon.

(Other HUB-id events countrywide: Aurecon will launch it’s HUB-id concept in Durban on the 29th and Cape Town on the 30th of April.)

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