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Cost efficiency still drives sustainability in the property industry

Aurecon building - Cape Town

Aurecon's 5 star Green Star building in Cape Town

29 May 2012 - At an Aurecon sponsored lunch, hosted by the Property Council of Australia, professionals were asked what they thought was most important about sustainable design.

More than 54 per cent of property industry respondents rate cost and other efficiencies as the most important sustainable feature of a building, compared with just 25 per cent who felt achieving NABERS and Green Star ratings to be the most important sustainable feature, according to a new survey by leading engineers, project managers and technical consultants Aurecon.

Marek Tomaszewski, Aurecon’s Buildings Unit Manager, Sydney said, “It isn’t surprising that cost and design efficiency were rated as most important when considering sustainability. For the industry, it’s ultimately about return on investment as well as comfort and operational cost efficiencies for tenants. However, the ratings schemes have gone a long way to driving sustainability considerations across the industry so I don’t think this discounts the important role that Green Star and NABERS have played in any way.”

The survey was conducted at an Aurecon sponsored lunch held by the Property Council of Australia’s NSWs division, attended by over 400 professionals from the property industry including architects, project managers, planners, engineers and the Hon Brad Hazzard MP, Minister for Planning and Infrastructure.

The survey showed that 45 per cent of respondents agreed that the advice they received on sustainable design not only achieved their objectives but also added further value.  A further 51.2 per cent noted that it was important for the engineering consultant to contribute early in the consultation so ideas could be incorporated into the overall design.

Marek also commented, “At Aurecon we understand the importance of providing transparent, practical advice that will ensure added value by way of efficient design. Aurecon has been involved in a number of leading sustainable projects including our own office in Cape Town, the first 5 Star Green Star building in South Africa and our own 5 Star Green Star office currently under construction in Melbourne.”

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