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Aurecon presenting at Transport NZ Summit and Expo

Guy Eitzen

Guy Eitzen23 May 2012 - Aurecon, a leader in the planning and design of transport systems and logistics infrastructure is presenting two papers at the Transport New Zealand Summit & Expo 2012, held in Auckland from 30-31 May.

Aurecon Transport and Freight Specialist, Guy Eitzen will present on freight movement, how it relates to the supply chain and its relevance to New Zealand’s road, rail and coastal shipping needs.

“As demand for raw materials and finished goods grows, freight movement is set to increase which will help fuel New Zealand’s economic growth,” says Eitzen.

“Our approach involves applying our knowledge and expertise to lower operating costs and improve route efficiency while integrating with surrounding land use to maximise any competitive advantage,” he adds.

Aurecon offers expert skill in transport masterplanning and infrastructure design to achieve cost effective, efficient and sustainable solutions. Its range of complex skills include a mix of technical talent and creative thinking employed across all project  levels to optimise infrastructure development.

Aurecon’s Steve Dudley, Associate Transport Services, will present his paper ‘Collaborative urban transformation through smart land use and transport integration’. The paper will focus on applied smarts that enable an integrated, people orientated approach to intermodal transport — tying planning, transit orientated development and land use together.

“Integration is at the heart of urban transformation to meet a multitude of transport needs; a collaborative, holistic perspective delivers gains in cost efficiency, economic development and enables smarter decision making,” says Dudley.

Day 1 - 30 May
Session: Collaborative urban transformation through smart land use and transport integration
Presenter: Steve Dudley
Time: 2pm

Day 2 - 31 May
Session: Freight movement – collaborative integration for multi-modal solutions
Presenter: Guy Eitzen
Time: 11.35am

Aurecon is a platinum sponsor of Transport NZ Summit and will be hosting a booth and a coffee stand at the expo.

If you would like to attend, please visit the conference website.

If you are unable to attend, please visit Aurecon’s Transport systems and logistics page to find out more about our offerings.

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