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South African merger builds Aurecon’s global energy capacity

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26 March 2012 - Aurecon has merged with South African based NETGroup. NETGroup, a transmission and distribution solutions provider and market leader in the electricity consulting industry, began merging its business operations with Aurecon as of 1 March 2012.

Paul Hardy, CEO of Aurecon said: “This merger will enhance Aurecon’s service offering to our key clients in the transmission and distribution markets throughout African and Middle Eastern major centres and globally, and adds significantly to our skills and capacity.”

NETGroup has a multi-skilled work force of over 250 people including engineers, business and utility consultants, financial specialists, process analysts and information systems specialists.

Peter Hulbert, Service Group Leader, Energy Services at Aurecon said: “NETGroup’s deep technical skills and extensive networks reinforce our significant experience in the transmission and distribution sectors and will expand our service offering to include niche skills in the electricity consulting industry.

“There exists a significant need for strengthening and rehabilitation of transmission and distribution networks throughout Africa which this merger will enable us to support more effectively. This also adds to our global capacity”

Using Aurecon’s existing ability to provide value solutions using a multi-disciplinary approach, the complimentary services of the two organisations will further position Aurecon to fulfil client expectations and demonstrate economic efficiencies in capital expenditure through the effective implementation of suitable project delivery models. 

The full integration of the companies will be complete by June 30, followed by an on-going brand transition process, which will be active for a year.


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