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Improving supply and relationships: Aurecon at Mining Procurement and Supply 2012

Paul Shin

Paul Shin7 June 2012 - At the Mining Procurement and Supply 2012 conference Paul Shinn, Technical Director and Group Functional Contracts Leader at Aurecon, will be sharing insights on defining, constructing and managing contractual terms and key performance indicators (KPIs) to improve supply and relationships.

“Trends in the mining industry are showing an increased foreign demand for Australian resources coupled with falling import prices. This combination means that mining houses with strong procurement strategies will be a step ahead of the pack in an increasingly competitive global market,” Paul says. 

“A potential pitfall to maximising the supply chain is an ill thought through procurement and logistics strategy.  Building in effective terms and KPIs into the underlying commercial contracts will strengthen the strategy,” he adds.

Paul will present his case study on improving supply and relationships with effective terms and KPIs. The study will focus on:

  • Determining clear performance metrics specific to each supplier to ensure contracts are fulfilled and KPIs are met.
  • Carefully agreeing on contract terms and conditions to ensure mutually fair partnerships. 
  • Seeking legal advice to create standard terms and conditions to simplify future negotiations. 
  • Agreeing on terms and KPIs that help prevent delays and include sufficient exit clauses to seek resources from alternative providers.


Day 1 - Tuesday 12 June

Case study: Improving supply and relationships with effective terms and KPIs
Presenter: Paul Shinn
Time: 11:40am

Additionally, Paul will perform the role of chairman for the two days of the conference.

You will also find Aurecon at the coffee stand. Be sure to pop past and grab a cup, and go into the draw to win a Nespresso machine.

The Mining Procurement and Supply 2012 conference is Australia’s only mining specific procurement event. It will take place at the Burswood Entertainment Complex, in Perth, Western Australia, from 12 - 13 June 2012.

Aurecon is one of the world’s leading engineering and specialist consultancies on mining infrastructure. With global expertise in the planning, design and construction management of world class material handling facilities and supporting infrastructure as well as transport systems and logistics. Aurecon employs the Supply Chain Operating Reference Model (SCOR) approach to define the planning, sequencing, coordinating and configuring of the supply network for the information, materials and commercial flows of the project.

About Paul Shinn

Paul’s career began with the Department of Defence as part of the Royal Australian Electrical Mechanical Engineers. Over the past 39 years he has built up a wealth of knowledge in supply, procurement, and contract management. His involvement has been through roles such as Contracts and Procurement Manager and Supply Manager. He has performed these roles in global ASX listed companies as well as private and public sector organisations.

During his career Paul has gained a deep understanding of engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) delivery. He has worked for both organisations receiving the services as well as those responsible for delivering EPCM.

If you would like to attend, please visit the conference website.

Find out more on Aurecon’s thinking on effective supply chains and about our expertise in bulk materials facilities and transport systems and logistics. Alternatively you can also contact Paul directly on the details below.   

Paul Shinn
Technical Director and Group Functional Contracts Leader
T: +61 8 9223 1678
M: +61 417 674 629


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