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Aurecon at ADM Defence Support Services Summit

Paul Hardy and David Barnes

02 August 2012 - At the ADM Defence Support Services Summit, Aurecon’s CEO Paul Hardy and in house defence expert David Barnes will share their insights on sustaining defence capability and enhancing communication between defence and industry.  

The key points Paul will cover in his presentation on sustaining defence capability and optimising value for money include:

  • Leverage upon volume to ensure sustainability in Defence contract
  • Innovative and outcomes based services
  • Using a Total Asset Management approach

“I am really looking forward to participating in the ADM Support Services Summit. Aurecon has a deep understanding of how the industry functions and with current budget pressures faced by Defence, that understanding combined with our multidisciplinary offering are crucial to delivering successful projects,” Paul said.

Aurecon’s Industry Leader, Defence David Barnes will take part in a panel discussion on enhancing communication between Defence and Industry that will focus on:

  • What currently works well, and what doesn't?
  • What are the communication challenges and how can they be addressed?
  • How to increase speed and efficiency across Defence and Industry

David says, “Communication is number one. It doesn’t mean that people, or the right skills and experience don’t matter, but I have worked on a lot of projects and the ones that were successful were always the ones where communication was part of the team DNA.”

The inaugural ADM Defence Services Support Summit will enable Industry to engage fully with the Defence Support Group on current and future collaborative partnerships. It will take place at the Langham Hotel in Melbourne, Victoria, from 7 – 8 August 2012.

Aurecon has a long history of providing technical and support services to Defence client agencies and the wider industry. With over 50 years of global experience, deep industry knowledge and strong relationships we deliver outcomes that add real value for money.

Session: DSG & Industry panel

Enhancing communication between Defence and Industry
Aurecon’s panel moderator: David Barnes
Tuesday 7 August, 11.40am – 12.30pm

Session: Estate Management

Sustaining defence capability and optimising value for money
Presented by Paul Hardy
Tuesday 7 August, 2.30pm – 3.00pm


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