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Largest engineer in Africa, Aurecon, ramps up for resources demand

Ross Nugent

Ross Nugent 05 September 2011 - As the 2011 Africa Down Under Conference in Perth closed on Friday, Aurecon, one of the world’s top engineering consultants and an industry leader in Australia and Africa, spoke about how its resources specialists are gearing up to meet massive expected demand for resources mining infrastructure and transportation across both continents.

According to Western Australian Federal Minister, Gary Gray, Australia is at the forefront of resources investment in Africa, with more than 40% of all Australian overseas mining projects in Africa.

Aurecon is ranked 42nd in ENR’s global list of top 150 consultant firms. It has the largest engineering and technical consulting presence across Africa and is heavily involved in delivering the engineering and technical design and project management skills needed for the development of the African mining industry.

“Through our strategic studies, we are delivering logistics planning for bulk material handling from mines to ports, we are also designing infrastructure for mines, collaborating on major project management and assisting major mining companies to gain mining approvals,” said Ross Nugent, Resources Leader, Aurecon.

“Increasingly we are ramping up our ability to resource major projects by transferring our skilled resources from mining in remote locations in Australia to meet African market demand, while our highly skilled workforce in Africa is servicing several of our Australian projects,” he added.

With major miners forecasting global iron ore production growth needing to hit approximately 100 million tonnes per annum over the next eight years*, African nations will increasingly be called upon to meet demand in growth.

Aurecon’s CEO Paul Hardy believes that Aurecon is uniquely placed in being able to support investment and growth in the African mining sector.  “Our African business ‘DNA’ means that we understand the complex nature of developing the continent’s mining resources,” said Mr. Hardy. 

“With around 3 000 people in our African offices, we work closely with governments and private industry to deliver projects and support planned economic development that deliver benefits to people across the continent,” he added.

*David Joyce, managing director of Rio Tinto Iron Ore expansion projects speaking at Africa Down Under Conference 2011.

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