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On your bike! Aurecon welcomes Bike Futures 2011

Falcon St Foot Bridge

Falcon Street Foot Bridge

10 October 2011 - Aurecon will host a stand at the 2011 Bike Futures Conference at Etihad Stadium, Melbourne on Wednesday 12 to Friday 14 October 2011.

Peter Kartsidimas, Aurecon Associate, Transport Services says, “An increased focus on health and fitness, maximising time efficiency and economic pressures are driving the public to use cycling as a permanent mode of transport that cities need to accommodate.”

The 2011 Bike Futures Conference aims to bring together national and local leaders, planners, designers and builders to consider bike transport as a key platform in the advancement of their communities.

“To achieve the long term success of a multi-modal transport system that includes cyclists and pedestrians, existing transport infrastructure must be adapted to achieve an integrated, safe and efficient approach to the movement of people,” says Kartsidimas.

The central objective of bicycle network development is to make biking mobility a viable option by improving cycling safety and accessibility.

“Aurecon works with urban designers and planners to create towns and transport hubs, getting people out of cars and into sustainable transport environments,” says Kartsidimas.

Aurecon traffic engineers are delivering practical solutions in the creation of safe and effective walking and cycling systems in urban areas based on our extensive experience working on a range of sustainable transportation systems including:

  • Cycle network planning 
  • Cycle infrastructure design - on and off road paths, signage and geometric design
  • Surveys and education
  • Cycling Environment Review Audits

Aurecon and cycling

As an employer, Aurecon’s commitment to cycling  extends to our support and participation in events such as Around The Bay, Ride To Work and now, as a Gold sponsor of the inaugural Australian Financial Review Corporate Cycling Challenge, which will be held on 4 December 2011 in Geelong. As a business, we are actively involved in delivering sustainable and innovative solutions to communities to promote and encourage cycling as a healthy, safe, enjoyable and sustainable transport, both now and in the future.

Kartsidimas adds, “As cities grow, we have an opportunity to make our cities easier to navigate and more sustainable. Greater use of public transport and non-motorised transport integrated with higher density land use will be essential.”

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