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Aurecon awarded Telstra panel position

Telstra Australia

16 May 2011 - Telstra has awarded Aurecon Australia, international technical, engineering and management consultants, a panel position to provide Design Consulting Services for Telstra's network property portfolio.

The role will strengthen the Telstra relationship with Aurecon built up during the deployment of mobile networks over many years.

Dean Whiteley, Telstra National Project Manager, Aurecon said, “This win enhances our ability to continue to raise the stakes in client service and further cement our position as a provider of premium design services to Telstra Australia wide.”

The role requires Aurecon to deliver Building Engineering Services studies, conduct viability audits, produce return briefs, complete detailed designs for upgrades and expansions to Telstra's significant network property portfolio Australia wide.

Mr Whiteley added, “This win is a testament to the hard work and diverse technical proficiency the Aurecon team provides to our valued clients."

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