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Bored piles milestone for Gold Coast Rapid Transit project

Gold Coast Rapid Transit Project

02 March 2011 - Global engineering and management consultancy, Aurecon, recently celebrated a milestone when its Early Enabling Works (EEW) team completed the bored piles (a type of foundation structure) associated with the first light rail station for the Gold Coast Rapid Transit (GCRT) project in Queensland.

“Reaching the Early Works milestone is an exciting achievement for the community as they can finally see the Gold Coast Rapid Transit project being delivered,” said Bill Guy, Aurecon’s GCRT Project Leader. “This project will contribute to the transformation of the Gold Coast and will deliver some real city shaping outcomes.”

The EEW project commenced with the installation of the 518 piles in mid-August 2010 and was completed by mid-February 2011 – a remarkable achievement considering the total length of 7015 lineal metres of piles installed and logged. 

Pile lengths varied between 3.5 m and 24.5 m, while pile diameters ranged between 750 mm and 1 500 mm, with both laterally and vertically loaded piles included in the project.

Aurecon’s role, in addition to the detail design of the structure and associated road works, was to inspect the completed excavation and to certify the geotechnical condition (and thus bearing and skin friction capacity) of each pile. This required a team of geotechnical personnel to be onsite throughout the piling process, including night shifts.

“Our team also undertook geological mapping of open faces and stability analysis of the slopes constructed to facilitate the construction of pile capping beams,” said Mr Guy.

The A million GCRT project, Queensland’s first light rail system  includes the design and delivery of a 13 kilometre light rail system, 16 stations and depot facilities between Southport and Broadbeach, on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

“Our team is making impressive strides in meeting delivery requirements for our client, the foundation work is only the first step,” said Mr Guy.

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