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Aurecon releases 360° magazine on natural disasters


28 June 2011 - Aurecon this week released an in-depth look at how communities can build resilience to natural disasters in the third edition of its 360° magazine.

The new magazine explores some of the ways communities can prepare for and respond to natural disasters.

Paul Hardy, CEO, said, “Given recent tragic events around the world, this edition of 360° focuses on ways our skills and expertise can be applied to reduce the economic and humanitarian impact of natural disasters. Engineers and other technical professionals play a huge role in immediate disaster response. They also can help to mitigate impact through clever design and support planning and rebuilding efforts in the aftermath.”

The 360° covers three approaches to mitigating the impact of natural disasters: reducing vulnerability, disaster response and managing the aftermath.  It also features an in- depth Face to Face interview between Paul Hardy and Peter Baxter, Director-General of AusAid.

Hard copies will be available from all of Aurecon’s offices from 4 July 2011.

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