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All-Energy Australia conference features two Aurecon CSS specialists

All-Energy Conference

05 October 2010 - Two Aurecon energy specialists will be speaking at the All-Energy Australia conference in Melbourne this week on 06 and 07 October.

This conference is Australia's most significant international clean energy event with an extensive and in-depth focus on renewable, sustainable, clean energy.

Dr Amir Tadros, a Senior Mechanical Engineer with Aurecon, will focus on Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) plant design and the uncertainty about defining a plant as ‘capture ready’. Differences in OECD and developing countries terminology will be discussed and issues that need to be addressed in designing and constructing a ‘capture ready’ coal fired power plant will be detailed.

Dr Tadros has 14 years of experience in both the academic and industrial sectors and has strong specialist knowledge in carbon capture and storage processes. He has been involved with building Aurecon’s expertise in CCS and has organised a number of seminars to support these technologies.

The other key speaker from Aurecon will be Raja Ratnam, Business Development Leader - Asset Management, Energy Sector. Raja will be detailing the challenges that managers face in future proofing assets in uncertain business environments. Governments and companies are wrestling with issues such as climate change, ageing populations, the integrity of financial systems, globalisation and the sourcing of major capital funding. Compounding these issues are increasing deployments of new information technology which are accelerating the cycle times for decision making processes.

Raja will be applying smart principles of reliability engineering, people management, innovative commercial models, implementing asset management systems and processes and collaborations with industry leaders.

The All-Energy Conference is highly relevant to all companies involved in the development of carbon mitigation solutions for traditional energy sources, including carbon capture and sequestration and energy efficiency improvements as well as all areas of the renewable energy industry - wind (onshore and offshore), wave, tidal, hydro, hydrogen and fuel cells, solar and biofuels.

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