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Investing in Angola’s future

Nova Vida Housing Development

Nova Vida Housing Development

05 March 2010 - Because much of Angola's infrastructure was destroyed during a 27-year civil war which ended in 2002, the country is currently undergoing major reconstruction, including roads, schools, hospitals and houses.

Late last year, ANC President Jacob Zuma led the party’s delegation to Angola in a bid to strengthen bilateral and economic ties between the two countries. The discussions covered energy, mining and construction, particularly in housing, industry and other economic areas.

A hub for innovation

Aurecon, a specialist technical services group, has been operational in Angola since 1991, having conducted a wide range of engineering projects in Angola, including large-scale infrastructure upgrades and housing projects aimed at addressing Angola’s service back-log. A key player in Angola's reconstruction process, their latest investment in the country includes a 1 400m² building in Luanda which will centralise the group’s operations throughout the country. “The official inauguration of the building on the 5th of March is a demonstration of our commitment to enabling large scale development within that region,” explains Jose Miranda, Aurecon’s Regional Manager, going on to say that “Establishing a local office in Angola will allow the group to invest in the country’s infrastructure priorities through creating a hub for innovation.”

“We see the new office as an extension of our bid to support Angola through targeted efforts to channel funding, including the private property investment market, developing the emerging donor market and building relationships with key partners,” claims Miranda.

Boosting local employment

Aurecon’s staff contingent in Angola has escalated exponentially between 1993 and 2010, helping bolster local employment numbers to tune of hundreds of jobs. 60% of these staff are Portuguese speaking locals, including engineers, technicians, personal assistants, translators, secretaries and human resources officials.

Engineering a better future

“As a group, we are committed to leading into the developing world. What this means is investing in key areas of opportunity in order to produce lasting growth. We are committed to Angola and to engineering a better future for its citizens,” concludes Miranda.

The offices will create a visible presence for Aurecon in Angola and will assist in making even further growth of Aurecon’s business in Angola possible.

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