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Bangkok celebrates Aurecon’s 1st birthday in unique Thai style

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07 June 2010 - The Bangkok office held a Buddhist ceremony to celebrate the 1st anniversary of Aurecon in Thailand.

The ceremony is intended to bring good luck to the business in Thailand as well as good fortune to all staff. 16 staff from the Bangkok office helped contribute to the organisation of the ceremony.

Prior to the arrival of the monks from Chonglom Temple in Bangkok, employees pay their respect at the Thai spirit house (saan phra phum) in front of the Aurecon office building.

An auspicious day and time for the ceremony and blessing of the new Aurecon sign was selected by the Chief Monk as 22 April 2010 between 8.39 am to 10.48 am.

A Buddha statue was obtained for the ceremony from Wat Sothon Wararam Worawihan in Chachoengsao, a famous temple with one of the most revered Buddha images in Thailand.

Thailand Country Leader Sakorn Kruemai presided over the ceremony led by nine Monks. The monks began the ceremony with prayers in Pali, a sacred white thread (sai sin) passes from the Buddha statue and through the hands of each of the chanting monks. The prayer vibrations passed through the white thread is supposed to provide protection to the office and good luck to employees.

As the monks prepared to leave, the senior monk annointed the Aurecon sign and the doors to the offices of Sakorn Kruenai and Cris Dunning with Pali symbols written with a special white paste.

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