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Whistleblower Policy

Whistleblower Policy

Aurecon is committed to promoting integrity in its business and operational activities. Aurecon’s Code of Conduct and Ethics (the Code) sets standards of conduct and ethical behaviour required of all employees, including directors, officers, executives, contractors and other work participants (Employees) in all countries in which it operates.

The Code articulates acceptable practices for Employees to ensure that their duties and responsibilities to Aurecon are performed with the utmost integrity and with regard to Aurecon’s responsibilities to its owners, employees, clients, suppliers, creditors, consumers and the broader community. This assists with the management of risks and protects Aurecon’s reputation.

The purpose of the Whistleblower policy is to promote and support a culture of honest and ethical behaviour, good corporate governance and corporate and financial compliance. The policy encourages and provides protections for the reporting of reasonably held concerns of suspected or actual misconduct or an improper state of affairs or circumstances at Aurecon.

To add confidence in raising issues, Aurecon has introduced Whispli, an external and independently run platform that will provide anonymous whistleblower reports to Aurecon using encryption to maintain anonymity.

Reports may be made anonymously at

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