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Lift profit through supply chain value

Lift profit through Supply Chain Value

Under-performing bulk supply chains are a familiar theme within the resources sector. Made up of many components and complex interfaces, there is often reluctance among diverse stakeholders to cooperate to a level necessary to find the best overall outcome.

Markets: Resources
Expertise: Bulk transport, Ports & terminals, Rail & rail systems, Mine services

Mining infrastructure: from pit to port

Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal, Australia

Andrew Keith, Aurecon’s Mining Infrastructure Leader spoke with Australian Mining on the economics of pit to port transportation alternatives.

Markets: Resources , Transport
Expertise: Mine services, Bulk transport

Port infrastructure: Build and they will come?

Port of Singapore

In late 2014, Indonesian President Joko Widodo presented a plan to transform the country into a maritime power and develop 24 ports around the archipelago, generating much excitement in the shipping and port industries.

Markets: Transport, Resources
Expertise: Ports & terminals

Where have all the minerals gone?

Where are the minerals

The mines are getting further from the beach. Aurecon's Andrew Keith's talks about a key issue facing new mine developments globally as we move further into the 21st century.

Markets: Resources

Sustainability is the key to success


Andrew Keith, Leader Mine Services, shares his view on the impact that being green can have on sustainable mining.

Markets: Resources

Optimising your bulk minerals export chain

Export chain

Aurecon's John Leech provides an introduction to some of the typical interactions that exist between the components of a mine to ship bulk export chain. The discussion focuses on the characteristics of two key operating modes along with the relative benefits and the situations where these different modes are best applied.

Markets: Resources
Expertise: Ports & terminals, Rail & rail systems, Bulk transport

Mining business model - due for a fresh approach


Andrew Keith, Mine Services Leader at Aurecon, explains that, as major mining capital projects fail to achieve the desired project outcomes, it is time to step away from a reliance on geology, mining and processing to drive productivity improvement.

Markets: Resources
Expertise: Mine services

Fresh pit to port solutions needed

Ore-line expansion project

Aurecon’s Africa and Middle East Mining Industry Leader, Mark Berger says that in the 21st Century mining faces new challenges including the rising dominance of infrastructure and sustainability issues, with miners looking for fresh approaches to mine development solutions.

Markets: Resources
Expertise: Mine services

Impact of freight transportation on our cities

Freight train with cargo containers

Alex Pey of Aurecon discusses the potential impact of poor population growth planning on Australian capital cities and suggests major rail freight tunnels could be the answer to freight logistics problems.

Markets: Resources , Transport, Freight, logistics and infrastructure, Urban transport
Expertise: Urbanisation, Rail & rail systems, Environmental management

Addressing the realities of the cost of mining

Mining truck

Andrew Keith, Leader for Mine Services at Aurecon, sums up the state of mining development and explains the rationale.

Markets: Resources
Expertise: Mine services

Project drivers

Abbot Point Coal Terminal, Australia

Every major project is unique, encompassing different sponsor and stakeholder environments, different objectives and external influences.

Markets: Construction, Data & telecommunications, Defence, Energy, Government, International development assistance, Resources , Built Environment, Transport, Water
Expertise: Programme & project management

Effective supply chains

Iron ore train

Skilled management of the supply chain is critical and allows major project teams to deliver excellence on schedule, within budget and with quality outcomes.

Markets: Resources , Transport
Expertise: Bulk transport

Resources demand and community impacts

Resources demand and community impacts

John Leech, Bulk Material Handling Leader at Aurecon, interviewed Professor David Brereton, Director of the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM).

Markets: Resources
Expertise: Environmental management

Rail boom: how to maximise supply chain efficiency

Aurizon coal train

Rail is becoming bigger, longer, faster and more costly as complex mining provinces are developed in remote locations. Mike Foley spoke to Aurecon’s Ken Devencorn who said supply chain integration and automation are key to facilitating development.

Markets: Resources , Transport
Expertise: Rail & rail systems

Safety drives design of mine roads

Road safety

Richard Jois of Aurecon discusses maximising road safety on mine sites.

Markets: Resources , Transport
Expertise: Mine services

Hands-on approach drives operational cost efficiencies for train positioner replacement

East Intercourse Island train positioner replacement project

A hands-on collaborative approach to D&C equipment supply drove the best end result for reliability, operability, maintainability and safety.

Markets: Resources , Transport, Freight, logistics and infrastructure
Expertise: Rail & rail systems, Bulk transport

Consultants provide fresh perspective on transshipment


Before mining companies embark on detailed discussions with transshipment operators, consultants can provide some useful guidance and information. Andrew Keith and Paulo Cardoso de Campos of Aurecon spoke with AJM's Mike Foley.

Markets: Resources , Transport
Expertise: Mine services

Innovations in heavy haul operations

Full ore wagons being unloaded through tippler rail

Rail Express talks to Ken Devencorn, Aurecon’s Technical Director, Resources & Manufacturing Services about efficient planning and development of remote heavy-haul rail operations.

Markets: Transport, Resources
Expertise: Mine services, Rail & rail systems

Silo technology - Of cones and codes


Over the past decade, a number of inverted cone silos have suffered well-publicised failures. In this article Hugh McKay, Aurecon's bulk handling storage facilities expert, looks at what steps can be taken to stop this occuring in the future.

Markets: Resources
Expertise: Bulk transport