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A new lens for looking at value for money

An Indonesian road

Steve Richards, Technical Director in Infrastructure Advisory at Aurecon looks at how our understanding of project funding may need to shift following the global financial crisis.

Markets: Government
Expertise: Infrastructure advisory

A critical analysis of the coastal management act

Cape Town, South Africa

With the promulgation and enactment of the National Environmental Management: Integrated Coastal Management Act, a paradigm shift in coastal management has occurred in South Africa.

Markets: Water, Government
Expertise: Ports & terminals, Environmental management

Water infrastructure assets: An integrated approach to programme, portfolio and project delivery

Luggage Point Advanced Water Treatment Plant, Australia

Aurecon’s Programme, Portfolio and Project Delivery Leader John Mason says that programme and portfolio management offer benefits to the planning, delivery and maintenance of water infrastructure.

Markets: Water, Government
Expertise: Infrastructure advisory, Infrastructure design

The transition towards a sustainable Public Private Partnership regime

The transition towards a sustainable Public Private Partnership regime

Governments across the world are increasingly embracing the use of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) to deliver infrastructure services.

Markets: Government
Expertise: Infrastructure advisory, Infrastructure design

Challenges for programmes

Nova Vida, Angola

In our third thinking paper focussing on programme management, we discuss what challenges programmes experience and how is it possible to identify when a programme is experiencing difficulties.

Markets: Government
Expertise: Programme & project management, Health

Creating efficient, liveable cities

An Africa city

In this interview, Deon Pretorius, Aurecon’s Land Development Services Leader in Cape Town, describes some of the barriers to creating efficient cities as well as current trends and the solutions and innovations Aurecon is leveraging to help our clients ‘get it right’.

Markets: Government, Built Environment
Expertise: Environmental management, Urbanisation, Infrastructure design, Integrated planning

How does programme management differ from project management?

Queensland Children Hospital

In this, our second thinking paper focussing on programme management, we discuss the differences between programme and project management and what is required to deliver programmes effectively at the highest level.

Markets: Government
Expertise: Geospatial systems, Programme & project management

Will urbanisation break the big cities?


Currently, about 60 million people move into cities every year. That’s more than one million more people arriving every week, in a city somewhere in the world, each with an expectation of better access to jobs, better education for their children, better health-care and a better quality of life.

Markets: Data & telecommunications, Energy, Transmission and distribution, Water, Government
Expertise: Urbanisation, Health

What is Our African City (OAC)?

Envisioning an African city

Our African City is about bringing together leading expertise across the financial, political, technical and social spheres to collaborate in developing new thinking and solutions that address inclusive urban transformation. It is about opening the debate on and crafting a vision of what an African city should look like and how to innovatively address the challenges we face to leapfrog stages on our development path.

The dialogue is hosted through various platforms, including the website and scheduled events and workshops under the Our African City brand.

As the dialogue matures, new thinking from participating companies and organisations, including Aurecon, will be published.

Markets: Government

Why Aurecon initiated Our African City (OAC)

Abbas Jamie from Aurecon talking about Our African City

The concept of Our African City and the need to create a dialogue around inclusive transformation stemmed from the question: What does a future African city look like?

Markets: Government

Our African City launch in South Africa

Our African City is a dialogue on inclusive transformation that intends to craft a vision of what future African cities should look like.

Markets: Government

Dr Gwen Ramokgopa explains the Our African City dialogue

Dr Gwen Ramokgopa, Our African City Ambassador, says that all stakeholders are invited to become part of this initiative.

Markets: Government

Realities confronting urban transformation in South Africa

A woman and child in front of a shack in an informal settlement

In this article, we consider research insights on four dimensions related to urban transformation in South Africa.

Markets: Government

Data Centres - exploring the trend

Data centre

Four of Aurecon’s Data and ICT experts explore the latest thinking surrounding the current and future state of data centres globally.

Markets: Data & telecommunications, Data centres, Built Environment, Government
Expertise: Telecommunications infrastructure, Data & ICT facilities

The Central Terminal Building at OR Tambo International Airport, South Africa

OR Tambo Airport

Aurecon was involved in the development of the Central Terminal Building at OR Tambo International Airport, the project included the implementation of a complex glass and aluminium facade system, pivotal to the CTB's visual appeal.

Markets: Airports, Built Environment, Construction, Government, Transport
Expertise: Airports, Building design

Rehabilitation of Hosea Kutako International Airport, Namibia

Hosea Namibia

Aurecon successfully rehabilitated this runway using innovative measures and ensuring continued flight operations throughout construction.

Markets: Airports, Government, Transport
Expertise: Airports

HUB-id projects


Optimising land use, operational efficiency, light rail system, integrated urban design

Markets: Construction, Government, Built Environment, Transport, Land development
Expertise: Environmental management, Integrated planning

360° Magazine - Transforming transport

In this issue of Aurecon’s 360° magazine, Transforming Transport looks at the complex issues around moving people and resources in a world experiencing massive population growth and urbanisation.

Markets: Built Environment, Transport, Government
Expertise: Airports, Environmental management, Programme & project management, Rail & rail systems

Project drivers

Abbot Point Coal Terminal, Australia

Every major project is unique, encompassing different sponsor and stakeholder environments, different objectives and external influences.

Markets: Construction, Data & telecommunications, Defence, Energy, Government, International development assistance, Resources , Built Environment, Transport, Water
Expertise: Programme & project management

Disaster response planning

Aurecon's team work on disaster management mapping for Rwanda's National DRM plan.

Disaster Risk Management (DRM) plans help to coordinate activities should disaster strike. These plans aim to reduce the risk of communities, or even entire countries, either through ensuring they are prepared to respond in the case of an event, or by reducing risks through planning measures.

Markets: Government

Delivering programme excellence

Maguga dam

Programme management is most commonly the process of managing a number of interrelated projects to deliver new or enhanced infrastructure, such as a new metro system, an airport, a mine, a power station or even the Olympic Games.

Markets: Government
Expertise: Programme & project management

Grappling with risk complexity: an insight into multi-scalar and multi-dimensional risk scenarios

Grappling with risk complexity

In this article, Simon van Wyk and Carin Joyce discuss the multi-scalar and multi-dimensional nature (complexity) of risks, with a special focus on the interconnectedness of operational and disaster risk, with Civil Engineering magazine.

Markets: Government
Expertise: Environmental management

The way forward on waste management

A picture of refuse bags

Nick Mannie – Technical Director, Waste – relates how the Merafong City Local Municipality took bold steps towards ensuring sustainable waste management solutions, and shares lessons that can be learnt from their actions.

Markets: Government
Expertise: Environmental management

Sustainable solutions to South Africa's waste challenges

Dump site

Nick Mannie – Technical Director, Waste – was recently interviewed about finding sustainable solutions to South Africa’s waste challenges.

Markets: Government
Expertise: Environmental management