Thinking by Expertise - Water resources management

Strengthening resilience in Africa’s river basins

A river in Lesotho

Johan Minnie, who heads up Aurecon’s Risk & Resilience Management, explains how resilience in Africa’s river basins can be strengthened.

Markets: Water
Expertise: Water resources management, Dams

Traditional consultation is dead

Community engagement

Aurecon’s Joel Fredericks and Kylie Cochrane on the impact of digital technology on the future of consultation.

Markets: Water, Built Environment
Expertise: Infrastructure advisory, Infrastructure design, Water resources management

Dams: protecting water quality

Dams Protecting water quality

Dramatic events such as droughts can lead to a change in the water quality of shallow reservoirs, resulting in a switch from a clear to a turbid state.

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Expertise: Dams, Water resources management

Fixing the manufacturing and water scarcity problem

Fixing the manufacturing and water scarcity problem

To sustainably create jobs and drive economic growth, manufacturers operating in water stressed locations will need to adopt a fresh approach.

Markets: Manufacturing
Expertise: Manufacturing, Water resources management

Ensuring the sustainable use of water resources to satisfy multi-lateral needs

Joint Maputo River Basin Water Resources Study, Mozambique

Andrew Tanner, Aurecon’s Specialist Consultant for Water Resources Management, discusses how developing Integrated Water and Resource Management (IWRM) strategies and plans are important building blocks towards achieving both national and multi-lateral objectives.

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Expertise: Water resources management

Comparing institutional forms for urban water supply

Urban water supply

More than one billion people in the world today lack access to safe drinking water. The United Nations Millennium Development Goals’ initiative aims to cut this figure in half by 2015.

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Expertise: Water resources management, Water & wastewater treatment

Engineering Meteorology: Making informed decisions to deliver project solutions

An example of an urban comfort index

Michael Green, Engineering Meteorologist, Aurecon, discusses how engineering meteorology can assist in project challenges and help improve the resilience of operational and infrastructure design.

Markets: Energy, Water, Built Environment, Transport
Expertise: Water resources management, Urbanisation

Adaptable airports: designing resilience

Climate change

In the coming years, airports will be significantly challenged to plan for and adapt to climate change induced risks. Trinity Graham, discusses how climate change factors will affect airports and what airport operators might consider for future planning.

Markets: Transport, Water
Expertise: Airports, Water resources management

People profile: Trinity Graham

Trinity Graham

Meet Trinity Graham, a water expert with 20 years of experience in water management issues that impact airside and landside infrastructure.

Markets: Airports, Transport, Water
Expertise: Airports, Water resources management

Water resource management on an urban planet

Water resources management

Water is a prerequisite for human and ecosystem health, as well as for the success of a wide range of industrial and agricultural enterprises.

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Expertise: Water resources management