Thinking by Expertise - Ground engineering

Breathing space: optimising ventilation in metro projects

Mikel Alonso looks at how balancing the key functions of a ventilation system in order to maximise both safety and cost efficiencies for an underground metro or railway system.

Markets: Transport
Expertise: Ground engineering, Rail

Going underground: saving surface buildings while tunnelling

Anthony Bennett, Aurecon’s tunnels leader, looks at proven approaches to saving the building while developing underground rail infrastructure.

Markets: Transport, Urban transport
Expertise: Ground engineering, Rail

Metros station construction in congested environments

Warren Dou talks about the effective risk management and innovative technical solutions that address the challenges of constructing underground stations in urban environments.

Markets: Transport
Expertise: Rail, Urbanisation, Ground engineering

Tunnelling - delivering modern solutions with proven approaches

Tunnel excavation by roadheader on the Eastlink Project

Tunnels play a critical role in the ongoing delivery and maintenance of the infrastructure required in an urbanising world.

Markets: Transport, Water
Expertise: Ground engineering