Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital, Australia

Aurecon is providing civil, structural and MEP engineering, and ESD services to Lend Lease for construction of the Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital in Queensland, which will incorporate an integrated network of accessible healthcare.

The hospital will meet growing demand for hospital services by offering a range of new and expanded free public hospital services, supported by highly trained and specialised staff, to safely care for patients with complex or life-threatening conditions. This means about 10 000 patients each year will not have to travel to Brisbane for complex treatment.

The public hospital is being built as part of the 20 hectare Kawana Health Campus that will incorporate the hospital's Skills, Academic and Research Centre (SARC), a co-located private hospital operated by Ramsay Health Care.

The SARC will have highly trained specialised staff, equipment and services able to safely care for patients with complex or life threatening conditions. The centre will also train large numbers of staff and students and have significant health and medical research programs.

Once complete in late 2016, Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital will open with about 450 beds, growing to a 738 bed facility by 2021.

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