ACCESS Phases 1 and 2, Indonesia

The Australian Community Development and Civil Society Strengthening Scheme (ACCESS) is a community-based capacity building scheme aimed at alleviating poverty. The five-year scheme also aims to contribute to  strengthen civil society, particularly in Eastern Indonesia. This involves not only improving livelihoods but also facilitating a stronger role for the community in civil society through an environment of collective learning.

IDSS, Aurecon’s project management, training and consulting company operating in the field of international development, provided assistance for phases 1 and 2, including technical and management input. IDSS facilitated the delivery of quality activity outputs, including management of the scheme’s AUD$8.3 million trust fund.

The aim of phase 1 was to strengthen non-government and civil society organisations (NGOs and CSOs) through capacity building efforts, empower the community in gender and poverty inclusive community-led assessment and planning, and encourage networking amongst CSOs to facilitate more effective engagement with other stakeholders. Phase 1 involved 180 grants for non-government organisations (60 000 direct beneficiaries) to support community-based development activities.

Phase 2 focused on strengthening the capacity of local CSOs to enable them to better engage with local government and worked on a number of levels (community, village, sub-district, district, provincial and national) to facilitate a stronger role for communities, community organisations and citizens in local governance.