International Development Assistance

International Development Assistance

International development assistance

At Aurecon we believe that sustainable solutions are a positive step towards alleviating poverty, achieving sustainable development by pursuing goals such as those envisaged in the Millennium Development Goals.

Our philosophy is to provide sustainable solutions to developmental challenges.

There are growing disparities between developed and developing nations. While the global economy has seen millions of people enter the economic mainstream for the first time, many are still unable to realise the benefits enjoyed by a globalised world. Economic growth is uneven at best, and while some developing countries are making real progress, there are still billions of people struggling to make a living.

These solutions enable developing countries to create and develop their capacity to overcome these challenges. We work with our clients and communities to produce technical, social and environmental outcomes that are tailored and practical.

Aurecon has partnered with many major donors, including the World Bank, European Union, African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, USAID and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade–Australian Aid, as well as bilateral agencies. This work has been completed throughout Africa over the past 10 years, as well as in Asia and the Pacific. Our work in international development assistance includes services such as the provision of roads or clean water, but also focuses on social projects in health and education. Our projects have included many road development projects in Africa, the East Timor Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program, and the Government of Malawi's Poverty Alleviation Programme which has been operating successfully for eight years. 

As a leader in the international development assistance sector, Aurecon has the extensive knowledge, experience and expertise to provide innovative and effective implementation of projects for every client that trusts us to effect real change in the countries and communities where we work.


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