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Aurecon in UgandaA landlocked country in East Africa, Uganda has substantial natural resources. Agriculture is the most important sector of Uganda’s economy, employing more than 80 per cent of the country’s workforce.  

Following a period of democratic reform from 1986, there was an increased period of growth, although Uganda continues to face the challenge of poverty as well as the need to upgrade its ageing infrastructure.   

Aurecon has had a permanent presence in Uganda since 1994 when we began supplying long-term technical assistance to the Kampala City Council. Aurecon assisted with the rehabilitation and maintenance management of the city's urban road and stormwater drainage systems.  

In 1997, Aurecon went on to establish a local office in Kampala, facilitating operations and management of projects in Uganda.  

Project involvement has, to date, consisted of upgrading roads as well as energy and water related projects such as operating and maintaining rural water supplies.

Projects include:

  • the programme to help enhance and strengthen Uganda’s Education Management and Information System (EMIS), and
  • the Kawempe - Luwero Road upgrade and rehabilitation.

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