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Aurecon in SwazilandSwaziland, a small independent country in southern Africa, is landlocked by Mozambique on its eastern border and by South Africa to the north, south and west.

While Swaziland’s manufacturing sector has continued to grow and diversify over the past 30 years, the majority of the population still relies on subsistence agriculture for their income. 

Aurecon has been operational in Swaziland since 1994 when the group became involved in a technical assistance assignment for the Roads Transport Branch at the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.

Primarily, Aurecon’s projects in Swaziland have involved the upgrading of existing roads, bridges and other transportation related infrastructure, as well as the design of heavy-duty factory shells. We have also provided technical services related to stormwater and sanitary landfills, and developed an aviation strategy framework for the country.

Through our involvement in the provision of vital rural infrastructure, Aurecon is assisting Swaziland in providing universal access to basic services for all its citizens.

Projects include:

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