Suite 21, Upland House
off Kamuzu Procession Road, Area 3 Lilongwe  

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Aurecon in MalawiLandlocked Malawi is one of Africa’s most densely populated and least developed countries. With 85 per cent living in rural areas, most of its inhabitants depend almost entirely on subsistence agriculture.

Aurecon’s office in Lilongwe has been involved for many years in public works projects aimed at poverty alleviation through job creation in road repair, forestry, agriculture, aquaculture, and water provision. In addition, Aurecon has contributed road and rail studies, design and supervision services, as well as its expertise in energy projects.

Projects in the region included tariff and regulatory services for policy reforms and enhancement of the power sector for the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi Ltd (ESCOM) and Malawi Regulatory Authority (MERA). This includes capacity development as part of the Power Sector Reform Project in Malawi, which is an initiative for the Government of Malawi and US Aid Agency, the Millennium Challenge Corporation. Water projects that Aurecon has been involved in include consultancy services for the development of catchment management strategies and national guidelines for river basins in Malawi: Establishing a National Water Resources Authority; acting as implementation service provider for flood risk management projects; and establishing water resources monitoring systems and technical assistance for the Rural Infrastructure Development Programme Component II (RIDP II).

Other projects in Malawi included first order mapping of primary and secondary road network traffic and road conditions in sub-Saharan Africa for the World Bank; the Mtwara Development Corridor, which involved the development of a transportation corridor that will provide easier access to the port at Mtwara, Nacala and other transit corridors; and the Government of Malawi’s Income Generation Public Works Programme which follows a multi-tier approach towards achieving sustainable poverty alleviation, food security and overall socio-economic improvement.

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