Tebaber Berta Building,
Room no. 702, Kirkos Subcity, Kebele 02, Ethio-China Road, Addis Ababa  

Phone: +251 91 152 5707 / +251 91 120 2372
Facsimile: +251 11 551 8036

Aurecon in EthiopiaEthiopia, with a population of approximately 80 million, is one of the fastest growing economies in the world (more than 10 per cent in the past four years).

However, due to its reliance on agriculture, economic growth has been tempered due to, amongst others, frequent droughts, poor cultivation practices, undeveloped water resources and poor transport infrastructure. In an effort to overcome the infrastructural challenges, one of Ethiopian government’s key priorities has, therefore, been to provide the agricultural sector with improved transportation infrastructure encompassing effective road and rail networks.

Aurecon has been particularly active in the transport sector in Ethiopia for more than 10 years.

Projects to date have included environmental impact assessments of a major link road Kombolcha - Gundowein and seven other main roads;  feasibility study of the Addis-Nazareth road and implementation as a PPP project, condition assessment and asset management evaluation of the 780km Djibouti - Ethiopia railway line; and upgrading of 140km of Gedo – Fincha – Lemlem Bereha Road



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