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Tunnels play a critical role in the ongoing delivery and maintenance of the infrastructure required to support our modern world.

Aurecon is a market leader in the design and construction of tunnels in our cities and regional areas and we are proud of the legacy we continue to develop.

Our wide-ranging disciplines include civil, geotechnical, mechanical and electrical engineering for a variety of underground projects. We are committed to risk management, technical excellence and collaboration and have a proven track record of achieving successful outcomes for our clients.

Tunnelling often presents significant challenges requiring practical knowledge, technical skills and commitment in order to achieve successful project outcomes.

Aurecon’s internationally renowned experience delivering a diverse portfolio of ambitious tunnelling projects means that we can both understand and are capable of designing effective solutions to these multifaceted issues.

Providing an extensive range of services for all stages of a project tunnel life cycle, we aim to deliver state of the art world class tunnels that achieve optimum efficiency, higher performance and greater returns on investment for our clients.

Aurecon’s tunnelling experts are technologically-influenced forward thinkers dedicated to pioneering and innovating technical advancements for modern tunnel design. We are at the forefront of tunnel design technology, using advanced 2D/3D continuum and discontinuum computer modelling as well as traditional and practical design methods.

Our tunnelling specialist services mean Aurecon can contribute to each stage of a tunnel project life cycle:

We have applied our tunnelling specialist services to award winning projects including Waterview Connection and Rosedale Wastewater Treatment Outfall, both in New Zealand. Our global project experience includes the Doha Metro Red Line South Underground in Qatar, the South Island Line East Contract 901 in Hong Kong and the Melbourne Metro Study in Australia.


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