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From large multinationals to niche businesses, manufacturers share a focus to increase profitability by staying agile, managing risks, and maximising value.

At Aurecon, we understand that the process solutions sought for new and existing production facilities need to be robust, reliable, innovative, and environmentally sustainable.

With a proven track record of experience delivering manufacturing projects across the full project lifecycle, we have the expertise to meet this challenge.

Our approach acknowledges that different sectors and different territories do things differently for good reasons. Enriching and inspiring, these insights infuse everything we do, no matter where we operate.

Aurecon’s expertise spans a broad range of manufacturing sectors from:

  • agribusiness
  • automotive
  • chemicals
  • construction materials
  • consumer goods to electronics
  • food and beverage
  • metals
  • pharmaceuticals and
  • wood, paper and pulp

Our industry experts work across all engineering disciplines including process, mechanical, electrical, and automation design and delivery to provide solutions across every phase of a project.

In depth knowledge of manufacturing processes, and experience in the preparation of specifications and contracts, and project management and commissioning of industrial plants is the foundation of our advanced technical expertise.

Aurecon has a strong client focus aimed at meeting client expectations in the delivery of best practice project outcomes across safety, risk, quality, budget and programme.

Our manufacturing team has earned a reputation for innovation and engineering excellence in project delivery through the design of plants which are cost effective, energy efficient, and which better utilise human capital and minimise waste.

We also have experience integrating new manufacturing project work within existing facilities while maintaining plant production.

Aurecon works closely with clients on research and development projects to test and evaluate new processes and production scenarios or plant improvements to maximise product yield and improve profitability.

With global, deep, award-winning experience in knowledge-intensive and technologically rich sectors, we transform manufacturing with strategically astute, innovative, and commercially viable solutions.


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