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Aurecon is committed to growing a sustainable business, as well as a sustainable and resilient world around us.

We acknowledge that this requires a concerted effort in a world faced by challenges such as climate change, resource constraints, and social and political unrest.

We recognise the need to balance economic growth with social development and the protection of the environment.  We seek to embed sustainability as an integral part of our culture, our skills and our deliverables by:

  • Helping our clients, partners and stakeholders meet their sustainability commitments
  • Incorporating sustainability considerations into our services and project deliverables 
  • Increasing our sustainability knowledge, skills and tools
  • Incorporating sustainability into our corporate values
  • Reducing the footprint of our operations, including our carbon emissions. 

In responding to the broader sustainability and immediate climate change challenges, we encourage innovation and support sound scientific and engineering research into enhanced energy, building, water and infrastructure solutions that meet community needs, now and into the future.

Aurecon FY 2015 Sustainability Report

Our FY 2015 Sustainability Report ‘One World. Their Future.’ includes sustainability information as per the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 guidelines.

Aurecon Sustainability Report FY2015

The report is complemented by an electronic magazine component, which features projects that demonstrate how we have realised sustainability for our clients. We have been deeply touched when interviewing the people whose lives have been enriched through the enhanced environments and economic value created by these projects.

One World. Their Story. emag

We strive to make a positive difference by embedding sustainability into every aspect of our operation and project delivery.

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