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Aurecon is committed to growing a sustainable business and a sustainable and resilient world around us; challenging ourselves to find solutions that enhance our environment, join communities, raise living standards and create vibrant and sustainable economies.

The impacts of climate change, resource scarcity, biodiversity loss and shifting socio-political and economic conditions are demanding our attention to create restorative models of development that contribute towards a resilient and regenerative world.

Our response encourages innovation and supports sound scientific and engineering research into enhanced energy, property, water and infrastructure solutions that meet community needs, now and into the future.

We strive to make a positive difference by embedding sustainability into every aspect of our operation and project delivery by:

  • Helping our clients, partners and stakeholders meet their sustainability commitments
  • Incorporating sustainability considerations into our services and project deliverables 
  • Increasing our sustainability knowledge, skills and tools
  • Incorporating sustainability into our corporate values
  • Reducing the footprint of our operations, including our carbon emissions

We believe a sustainable world is one where it is easy, attractive and affordable for people everywhere to live healthy, happy lifestyles within their fair share of our planet's resources.

To reduce the impact of our operations, we are continuously improving our offices to provide healthy, productive and resource efficient workplaces for our staff. Many of our offices have achieved third party verified sustainability ratings and we constantly look for opportunities to reduce the environmental footprint and carbon emissions.

We see sustainability as a way to create high value results for our clients; investing time to understand their vision, targets and expectations to deliver tailored solutions which exceed expectations by going beyond business as usual.

Design excellence

We view sustainability and design excellence as the same. We seek integrated solutions which are high performing and incorporate practical innovation. We push ourselves and those we work with to raise the bar and achieve outcomes that are transformative and inspirational.

Financial Value

Sustainability is about creating value and almost without exception, represents a compelling business case. Our goal is to find outcomes which are both sustainable and deliver financial value by reducing whole of life costs, attracting investment, and delivering high returns.


Future prosperity depends on the restoration of natural and social capital by new ways of working that improve and enrich our world. We work with clients to capture expanded project benefits through solutions which enhance ecosystems, build social capital and move away from activities that contribute to climate change.

Market Leadership

Our world is changing rapidly. The need to operate sustainably is destroying old business models and creating new ones. Leadership is critical to remaining competitive and relevant. We help clients take advantage of opportunities to move quickly, differentiate their market offerings and deliver outcomes that help attract and retain high value people to their organisation.

Risk Management

The risks of inaction on sustainability are real, increasing, and if not addressed, can undermine organisations, revenues and markets. We seek to mitigate these risks through actions such as climate adaptation planning, third party ratings to provide quality assurance and future-proofed designs which anticipate changes in technology and regulatory requirements.

Social Licence

Being profitable is no longer enough. Organisations need to actively demonstrate and communicate their sustainable actions in order to secure a social licence to operate. We help clients engage with their markets around sustainability in ways that promote transparency and accountability, engage communities and result in the creation of shared value.

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