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Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Aurecon believes that engagement is the key to improving health and safety.

From our CEO through to individual employees working on site, we are committed to driving continuous improvement in our health and safety management system. Across our global network of health and safety professionals, we are able to respond quickly to project demands and work closely with joint venture partners to make health and safety an intuitive part of our culture.

At Aurecon, we understand that fostering a robust and responsive health and safety culture is a critical part of our obligation to our employees, our clients and the communities in which we operate. We underpin our strong culture of health and safety with a detailed, targeted and responsive safety governance framework and management system.

Supplementing our formal systems are a variety of cultural and behavioural initiatives to keep our focus on lead indicators as opposed to the traditional lag indicators. Our safety leadership index is one such initiative that constitutes our “balanced scorecard” and consists of three constructs namely; safety leadership practices, safety climate and operational indicators.

Our leaders encourage and support an ethos of ‘safety as a value’ and empower our staff to ‘make the big calls' if they believe safety is being compromised or risks exist that may pose unacceptable risk to peoples’ lives or wellbeing.

Through our health and safety management system, our goal is to:

  • Develop a safe and healthy work environment for everyone associated with Aurecon
  • Provide practical tools and techniques for use in the assessment and consideration of occupational health and safety issues across all work we undertake
  • Provide expertise and resources to implement and maintain our health and safety policy
  • Provide health and safety management processes to anyone working on an Aurecon project to assist in: 
    • preventing incidents 
    • implementing hazard reduction 
    • assessing, managing, controlling and reducing risk 
    • comprehensively managing injury and rehabilitation 
    • promoting health and continual improvement

Learn more about Aurecon's Health & Safety Safety Essentials programme.

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